Program Descriptions

Sunday November 5, 2017

Holiday Inn | Ballroom BC
The Pre-Conference Workshop provides an opportunity to explore STEM engagement with Native American communities.


spectrUM Discovery Area, 812 Toole Avenue, Missoula, MT 59802
Join us for an opening reception at the UM spectrUM Discovery Area and celebrate the 25th NSF ESPCoR National Conference


Monday November 6, 2017

Wilma Theater
Dr. Lisa Graumlich will introduce the 25th Conference and explore the theme of what makes EPSCoR unique.


Inclusion & Diversity - Speaker - Keynote Speaker

Wilma Theater
A TBD keynote speaker will address EPSCoR inclusion and diversity.


Inclusion & Diversity - Breakout Session | Challenge Session - Champions of Broadening Participation

Holiday Inn | Ballroom CD
This session will challenge participants to work together to incorporate evidence-based effective practices to design and/or assess hypothetical programs dedicated to broadening participation of underrepresented groups


Inclusion & Diversity - Breakout Session | Workshop - Increasing Diversity and Inclusion through Undergraduate Research Experiences

Holiday Inn | Ballroom AB

This interactive session will highlight programs from three different jurisdictions - Guam, Arkansas, and New Mexico - and explore best practices to broaden participation by minority groups in STEM. Attendees will have the opportunity to contribute to the conversation and will leave with resources and tools.


Inclusion & Diversity - Breakout Session | Panel Dialogue - STEM Engagement in Indigenous Communities across EPSCoR Jurisdictions

Holiday Inn | 3 Rivers Room

This panel will expand the focus of Sunday’s pre-conference workshop by discussing best practices and lessons learned from EOD leads from four different EPSCoR jurisdictions that are working with individuals, institutions, or organizations from Indigenous populations.


Holiday Inn | Ballroom
Mike Bowman will discuss how Delaware has utilized EPSCoR partnerships to support economic development.


Holiday Inn | Ballroom
Gail McClure detail the Arkansas STEM Coalition.


Partnerships - Breakout Session | Panel Dialogue - Building Interagency Partnerships for Highest Impact

Holiday Inn | Ballroom AB

This panel will explore the basis and development of agency partnerships and identify best practices for building the relationships that generate these partnerships. The discussion will include perspectives from both sides of these existing partnerships: Missouri EPSCoR and USDA, Hawaii EPSCoR and USGS, and Rhode Island EPSCoR and NIH. Content will include a discussion on NSF EPSCoR’s current and future role in these partnerships and address how to best work with agency partners on NSF EPSCoR RII projects.


Partnerships - Student Session - Career Options for PhDs in Science

Holiday Inn | Glacier/Yellowstone Room

How can you maximize your time in graduate school and/or during postdoctoral training?  What strategies can you use for landing a job that’s right for you?  This presentation will provide an up-to-date assessment of the current career landscape facing science PhDs across a range of sectors, including education, industry, and non-profits. Author Melanie Sinche will share proven strategies based on her research and profiles of science PhDs across a wide range of disciplines.


Holiday Inn | 3-Rivers Room

The Spin In® program partners entrepreneurs that are developing early stage innovations with teams of University students who have the skills to further develop the innovations and move them towards commercialization. The goal of the workshop is to describe the partnership process that produces economic and workforce development and stimulates innovation and entrepreneurship among students.


Partnerships - Breakout Session | Panel Dialogue - Team Science and Community Development

Holiday Inn | Ballroom CD

Representatives from an array of communities engaged in facilitating scientific teams, establishing partnerships, and building community will survey and discuss core competencies, best practices and lessons learned. This session will also explore points of connection, complementarities, and opportunities for synergy among respective communities.


Poster Session - Poster Session - Student Poster Session

Holiday Inn | Atrium
The Student Poster Session provides an opportunity for students to communicate their EPSCoR supported scholarship, research, and experience.


Tuesday November 7, 2017

Wilma Theater
Cathy Whitlock will talk about how Montana developed the Montana Climate Assessment as an outcome of a Track-1 project.


Science & Innovation - Student Session - Student Pecha Kucha-like Presentations

Wilma Theater
Three students were selected to present their research in a Pecha Kucha ( like session. Each student will present 20 images, each for 20 seconds.


Holiday Inn | Ballroom AB

Through NSF EPSCoR, Wesley College strengthened its academic environment by developing a four-year progressive core curriculum with curricular materials that engage all students in STEM undergraduate research. This session will use this program as a case study to share ideas for development of interdisciplinary STEM undergraduate research curricula.


Wilma Theater

After a review of the state of American journalism with regard to scientists, the stories they tell, and ways to reach a broad audience, two veteran journalists (one print, one radio) will demonstrate, using volunteers from the audience, how to prepare for and handle interviews on all media platforms. Through role playing and audience feedback, all participants will get a feel for how to carry out this critical function -- which has never been more important.


Science & Innovation - Breakout Session | Challenge Session - Developing and Implementing a Science & Technology Plan

Holiday Inn | Ballroom CD

This Challenge Session will facilitate discussion and sharing of best practices for the development of an effective Science & Technology Plan that aligns the state’s research capacity to industry strengths. A few case studies will be presented. Discussion will include 1) strategies for the scope of an S&T plan and methods of development (e.g.


Science & Innovation - Breakout Session | Panel Dialogue - RII Track 2 Programs: High-Impact Multi-Jurisdictional Science

Holiday Inn | 3 Rivers Room

This Panel will investigate the unique approach of the RII Track-2 program through a focus on four different Track-2 projects. The goals of this session are to (1) clarify the value of multi-jurisdictional partnerships, (2) consider the role of the Track 2 within the NSF EPSCoR program, and (3) assess its impact on early career faculty.


Holiday Inn - Ballroom
Brian Zuckerman will talk about longitudinal sustainability


Longitudinal Sustainability - Breakout Session | Challenge Session - Documenting and Communicating Outcomes from Projects Over Time

Holiday Inn | Ballroom CD

This session will address challenges with how to quantify and communicate project outcomes over time (across projects). Part of the challenge is that jurisdictions are funded for current projects, but impacts from previous projects generally continue successfully without being tracked.


Longitudinal Sustainability - Breakout Session | Workshop - Managing, Sharing, and Sustaining EPSCoR Research Data

Holiday Inn | Ballroom AB

This workshop will explore the benefits and challenges of managing and sharing research data generated through EPSCoR Track 1 research programs. Examples of successful efforts from several jurisdictions will be showcased and the panel will discuss best practices and how they can be adopted in new and existing programs.


Longitudinal Sustainability - Breakout Session | Challenge Session - What do we mean by ‘Research Competitiveness’ in the context of NSF ESPCOR?

Holiday Inn | Ballroom CD

The goal of this session is to start the discussion of what the NSF EPSCoR community means by research competitiveness in the context of the program in order to better assess EPSCoR’s impact.